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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

BC Bike Race Christmas Party

Credit Photo: Danielle Baker - Andreas Hestler - Thomas Howard

special event BCBR beer glass

Last week, the BC Bike Race team was invited for the annual Christmas party, a great moment  to thanks friends & volunteers for the work accomplished in 2010, and think about 2011. Last year BCBR organized a cruising tandem ride around the city, this year it was a dinner at the sweet pub restaurant named the Brewing Company in the nice neighbourhood of Yaletown, Vancouver.

The word of the president                                                                       Funny Jeff 
 Mike Jacoby and me after a nice dinner

 Dean Payne, Thomas Howard and Dre

Party time by Danielle

After a nice speech of Dean Pean, President, we enjoyed a delicious meal, and had a few homemade beer in our sweet BC Bike Race Glass. As a great night, we finished late in the morning, I meet new people from the organization like the official designer Mike Jacoby, the base camp director John Crosby and lots of friendly people.

What a nice way to finish the year with BC Bike Race and celebrate life around the passion for Mountain Bike.

Merry Christmas


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