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Monday, November 15, 2010

The North Shore: backyard trail heaven

What is better than awake at 9 on a sunny Saturday morning, begin the day with a sweet breakfast and go shred the finest freeride trails in your backyard all the day?

Since 2 months I am discovering every riding days new trails around Seymour, Fromme and Cypress Mountain. Every session is unique and exciting! Canadians know how to build trails which make riders happy!

The north shore  is a legendary place for mountain biking. Only 20 minutes from downtown Vancouver, the natural ambience is spectacular: winding, steep trails with boulders, logs, wooden bridges, drops above rocks, slippery roots, deep and technical the prestige of North Shore trails of Vancouver is the same than the North Shore waves of Hawaii .

I use to ride with Dre, guys of Endless Biking, or simply  go alone and meet riders in the trails, that place is a big attraction for MTB so it’s super easy to find riders and discover cool trails.

Check this helmet cam in Mt Fromme trails with Darren Butler of Endless Biking

You can find lots of shooting in freeride movies like the collective series, Cranked, NewWorld Disorder or recently with Follow me. Lots of MTB legends and actual stars live there. Like Wade Simmons, Brett Tippie, Andrew Shandro, Goeff Gulevich, Ben Boyko…

Here you can find a famous video of Andrew Shandro riding the North Shore in Seasons:


If that place is so legendary it’s almost thanks to the North Shore Mountain Bike Association (NSMBA).  “The NSMBA is a voice for the mountain biking community of the North Shore. They develop and sustain a network of fun trails that provide opportunity for challenge and progression, while fostering mountain bike culture and a community that embraces it as a positive force.”

With more than 1700 Members and one of the biggest trail network of the world, I think you understand more why this place is so famous.

Thanks to Dre also a North Shore legend (member of the rocky mountain team for over 10 years) I have a nice RMB Flatline to satisfy my needs of riding.

Every mountain is special and different to ride, Seymour is more for All mountain/XC, Fromme is better for All mountain/Freeride and Cypress the strongest one is more technical downhill/Freeride. What I really appreciate is the density of great trails but also the natural made style of the trails; respect of the environment is a priority for trail diggers.

I like to finish my session with other riders in the local pub  around Lynn Valley: dirty faces and tired legs around a fresh lager!
Trail for all, trail for ever

If mountain bike is your religion, consider the North Shore as a pilgrimage.


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