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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Halloween Party on the roof of Ryders Eyewear!

(Photo: Ryders Eyewear)

Working in an event company, means working with lots of sponsors. As a great historic sponsor of BC BIKE RACE, Ryders Eyewear, a sport sunglasses manufacturer decided to organize this year an Halloween Party on the roof of the headquarters!

The roof is an awesome place with view on the sea and all Vancouver city.

All the BC Bike Race crew was invited to the party! On Saturday afternoon I was in the factory to help Brent  Martin, owner of the company to prepare the party! That was just unbelievable: meeting rooms transformed in killing rooms, roof of the building arranged with dancefloor, bar and DJ podium. As a perfect haunted company we put skull heads, spider webs and pumpkins everywhere! 

Halloween is a famous party in North America, everybody wear costumes adults, children, dogs… all kinds of costume are allowed: you want to be a human bed, a banana, a gorilla, no problem! the only goal is to have fun.

Since I am here people use to have fun about my French origins like “hey julien, where is your baguette?” so for Halloween night, I decided to be THE Cliché of France: beret, baguette, red wine mustache, red and white strips t shirt, as you can see on the photos the result was pretty good!

That night was super cool, good DJ, local beer, lots of crazy costumes! That was hilarous to see Dean president of BCBR in a knight costume, Dre, Director Marketing as Charlie Chaplin, Tom as a rocker Jeff as a Charlie Brown pumpkin and my landlord-buddy Dave Howells as a TV Star! That was THE party with lots of people from the mountain bike world. I met famous riders as Brett Tipie (Introduced in the MTB hall of Fame this year).

Sunday morning was pretty difficult, but that's an other history...

Mountain Bike is sport, business, entertainment but firstly fun!

Thanks Brent Martin and Ryders Eyewear for that awesome night!


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  1. The most memorable Halloween party I had in America was in Disney Land, two years ago. Candy stores were scatted along the Rivers of America promenade. I was looking forward on seeing Pocahontas and Snow Snow white and we did!